VinoWire, a blog devoted to Italian wine news

VinoWire was conceived by Franco Ziliani and Jeremy Parzen to provide a “wire service” feed of current news and events from the world of Italian wine. While North American and British food and wine editors have historically devoted much of their attention to Italian wine and food, relatively little information reaches the English-speaking world directly from Italy. As a twentieth-century Italian poet once said, there is no greater misunderstanding than the Atlantic Ocean. Regrettably, noted the site’s creators, much of the news that makes the crossing and lands on North American shores loses something in translation: VinoWire was created to offer English-speaking wine lovers an unbiased, direct, timely, and purely journalistic source of information on Italian wine, the people who produce it, and the places where it is made.

What began as a trans-Atlantic virtual conversation between esteemed Italian wine writer and pundit Franco Ziliani and food and wine historian and Italian translator Jeremy Parzen has been transformed into an online editorial collaboration, providing the English-speaking world with unfiltered, balanced news from the world of Italian wine – from breaking stories and event coverage, to editorial opinion and points-free tasting notes.

Above and beyond VinoWire weekly coverage of Italian wine-related events, news, and breaking stories, the site also features reviews and feature-length articles addressing a broad range of issues.

Please see our contact and media pages for more information on how to submit press releases etc.


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