Oscar Farinetti Vows to Maintain Style of Borgogno

Errata corrige: VinoWire erroneously reported that Mark Fornatale was the author of the post below on Borgogno. The author of the post, Ralph Michels, later revealed that he had been misinformed. See Fornatale’s comment below.

Despite claims made in a recent posting on the Antonio Galloni chat room (Mark Squires Bulletin Board on eRobertParker.com), new owner Oscar Farinetti vows that the winemaking style at Barolo- and Barbaresco-producer Borgogno will remain unchanged. Giorgio and Cesare Boschis recently sold the historic winery to Farinetti and continue to be involved in day-to-day operation. Known for his aggressive marketing and modern-style winemaking, Giorgio Rivetti, winemaker and one of the owners of La Spinetta, has also been asked to join their team as a consultant.

A recent chat room post reported the following (otherwise viewable only to registered users):

    Due to the strong friendship of the new owner and Mr. Giorgio Rivetti, partial owner and head winemaker of La Spinetta, La Spinetta now supports the winemaking as well as Borgogno’s export and marketing. The new owner is investing extensively into the cellar as well as into marketing. Within this year, Borgogno will have a new website as well as new print material. Communication will be improved. We will have a budget for promotional activities to support customers. And most important the quality of the wines will be even more outstanding. Investments in the cellar, as well as Giorgio Rivetti consulting Borgogno wine making, will secure highest quality [posted by Mark Fornatale (Italian Portfolio Manager, Michael Skurnik) February 22, 2008].

VinoWire editor and contributor Franco Ziliani recently contacted Farinetti (above, left), and asked him if Rivetti’s presence in the cellar would lead to a more modern-style of winemaking. He responded, writing via SMS, “Borgogno has no need for any changes in the cellar. As far as Rivetti is concerned, he will play no internal role. He will give us a hand with exports. The following is Borgogno’s corporate strategy: no change in the cellar or in winemaking [and] elimination of wines not internally produce… Borgogno will continue to produce [its wines] using the classic method.”

Oscar Farinetti is the entrepreneur who brought Italy the gargantuan Italian food and wine emporium Eataly (site), Turin.


5 thoughts on “Oscar Farinetti Vows to Maintain Style of Borgogno

  1. I hope mr. Farinetti’s opinion ‘ll not change during the next years. Otherwise we’ ll lose one of the most impressive wine of the Langa.

  2. Ciao Franco,


    As you can see, I never posted that Rivetti would be making the wine at Borgogno. As a close friend to the Boschis family and local collaborator of La Sinetta, I was fully aware Giorgio Rivetti would not be making the wine, even under the new direction of Oscar.

    I hope you too, like Mr Ralph Michels, can insert a correction.



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