Bruna Giacosa Confirms Dante Scaglione’s Resignation

Following VinoWire’s report (Tuesday, March 4) that Dante Scaglione had ended his relationship with the Bruno Giacosa winery, VinoWire editor Franco Ziliani spoke to the winery’s director of marketing and media relations Bruna Giacosa (left, photo courtesy of the Bruno Giacosa winery).

Giacosa confirmed that Dante Scaglione, a sixteen-year employee of the company, offered his resignation on December 23, 2007. She also confirmed that Giorgio Lavagna, currently employed by the Batasiolo winery in La Morra, will become Bruno Giacosa’s new enologist on April 2, 2008. Lavagna will work with the winery merely as an enologist and not as a “consultant” on the winemaking style, stressed Giacosa.

“Despite an illness that limits his ability [to work in the winery],” Giacosa told VinoWire, “my father is more than capable of continuing to serve as the winery’s ‘consultant.’” According to Giacosa, enologist Lavagna is committed to maintaining the style that has made Bruno Giacosa one of the most collected and coveted wines in the world – from its Barolo Falletto and Barolo Rocche dei Falletto to the Barbaresco Asili and Barbaresco Rabajà.

Giacosa denied that her relationship with Scaglione was any less cordial than Scaglione’s rapport with her father Bruno Giacosa. The younger Giacosa told VinoWire that she wishes Scaglione well in his career as a wine consultant wherever the future may lead him.

The report has been the cause of much heated debate on the internet and inpsired numerous posts on the Mark Squire Bulletin Board, the Gambero Rosso chat room, and Vino al Vino, including a comment from Giacosa’s American importer. One thing is for certain: a new and important chapter has begun in the history of one of Neive’s most famous wineries.


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