Argiano Announces Declassification of 03 Brunello

Earlier this week, the Argiano winery circulated the following letter announcing the declassification of its 2003 Brunello:

    Montalcino, April 21st, 2008

    Dear Wine Lovers,

    I am deeply troubled and extremely sadden [sic] by the recent events that have had such a serious impact on our very lovely area and, inevitably, my heart goes out to all the people who for many years have worked very hard and with dedication to produce our wine, and to our faithful customers who have followed us with great passion.

    During the past weeks, Brunello di Montalcino has been undergoing fierce attacks that fuel controversy and negatively influence the work done by all the winemakers in the area and their legacy, which is now recognized at international level. The Consortium is doing a great deal of valuable work to defend all that we have achieved, helping to shed light upon what has happened and upholding the quality of our products with precision and expertise.

    Given the philosophy that has always inspired us at Argiano, we are unable to stand back and wait for the events to take their course. Our foremost wish is to enable our faithful customers to enjoy our excellent wine this year as well. For this reason we will make a great sacrifice, one that is truly enormous for a winemaking company: we will declassify our top wine, our flagship.

    In this unforgettable and unique year there will be a new label: IL DUEMILATRE DI ARGIANO. We have decided to change the name, contained in the classic label that has become our symbol, but leaving the wine unchanged in its essence, the same as ever, the same wine that on more than one occasion has permitted us to win praise and awards. We steadfastly keep to our values and our enthusiasm, which are firmly rooted in our history, dating back to 1580.

    The dream that has guided my life is this: to transform emotions into something unique, sensual and fascinating to share with as many people as possible. I fell in love with Argiano at first sight, I immediately sensed that this was the place where I could cultivate this great ambition of mine, creating wines known and appreciated all over the world. I have strenuously devoted my whole life to the wine world and to striving to achieve refined taste.

    Looking towards the future I feel confident that everything will very soon return to normal, also because I am fully aware of the good work that has been done, and that Argiano will be able to continue successfully along its journey towards excellence.

    I sincerely thank you for your time and for your continued support.

    Contessa Noemi Marone Cinzano


3 thoughts on “Argiano Announces Declassification of 03 Brunello

  1. Ah, there’s nothing like invoking a date that one may associate with the Renaissance and the ancient ties to the Land. As if to exculpate the dishonesty of the present by smothering it in the magical glow of a classic past.

    Sad and typical humbug.

  2. “…we will make a great sacrifice…”

    A 10% price cut after a 20% price increase isn’t exactly like chewing ones arm off.

  3. “…we will make a great sacrifice…”

    Come on… be serious for a second! Do you think that wine-lovers and wine-experts all around the world would believe it?
    Next time, just for the sake of avoiding troubles “make a greater sacrifice” and try to make Brunello with 100% Sangiovese if you still remembre how to make it!

    And, anyway, de-classifying your 2003 vintage was NOT an option.


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