Brunello regulations “fully” reaffirmed by Consortium members, president Cinzano wins vote of confidence at yesterday’s Plenary Session

Following yesterday’s Plenary Session of the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino, the association’s public relations agency Barabino & Partners issued a press release with a summary of the meeting. VinoWire has translated the following excerpts.

“The assembly of the 256 producers [of Brunello di Montalcino] has adopted [the following] important decisions: complete confirmation of Appellation Regulations and the announcement of Paolo Capretti’s nomination as the Director of Control for the Consortium.”

The release also announced “a climate of trust and serenity [sic] with regard to the information requested by the TTB for distribution of Brunello in the USA; shining sales reports as of April 30, with a growth of 78.5% in the number of bottles and 13.2% in the total production for 2003 with respect to 2007; protection of the Brunello Montalcino appellation in 59 countries, including Australia, and an updating of legal procedures in certain cases of foreign counterfeit.” [Editor’s note: the above is an accurate translation of the original]

“An assembly will be held on May 30 for the presentation and discussion of proposals by [Consortium] members who are working to ensure implementation of Appellation Regulations for production.”

According to the document, Consortium President Francesco Marone Cinzano won a vote of confidence for his performance.

“We must fully embrace,” said Cinzano, “the spirit of the Euorpean directive whereby producers associations are indicated as organisms of self-regulation and [quality] control of their own products.”

“We must take on the responsibility for our DOCG appellation,” he said, “and guarantee the quality and monitoring of the products that leave our cellar doors for the entire world and the prestigious clientele who enjoys them.”

The assembly also approved the creation of a “Strategic Committee” for quality control Professor Paolo Capretti was nominated as its director. Capretti is “the ex-Director of the Florence Inspector’s Office for Quality Control of Farming Products and a professor of Wine Legislation at the University of Pisa.”

“In regard to the Siena prosecutor’s investigation, the Consortium reaffirms its position that it has no intention of taking the place of the magistrate until the legal proceedings have been concluded.” [Editor’s note: the translation reflects the ambiguity of the original]

“In regard to the request for information by the [U.S.] Alcohol and Tobacco Trade and Tax Bureau relating to the distribution of the 2003 vintage in America markets, the Consortium is working in coordination with the [Italian] Ministry of Agriculture and the Italian Embassy in Washington to quickly find a solution that guarantees the requirements of the American body and at the same time does not create unjustified economic hardship for Montalcino and its surroundings. The request for information calls for declarations proving the presence of pure Sangiovese in Brunello.”

“Lastly, the producers were informed of an analytic means suitable for responding to the requirement for confirmation with respect to Appellation Regulations. The so-called “anthocyanic profile” is a method of analysis that has been approved by the Euorpean Union and the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) of which Italy is also a member. The method has not been previously used in Italy, even though it was available and is very inexpensive (roughly 45 Euro per sample).”


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