Patrizio Cencioni new president of Brunello producers association

Winemaker and owner of the Capanna winery, Patrizio Cencioni, was elected unanimously by the the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino (Brunello producers association) today, according to a statement issued by the association’s public relations firm.

“One of my first goals,” said Cencioni, “is that of maintaining unity among producers in order to support and reaffirm the notoriety and reputation that our famous wine has achieved in recent decades.”

The body’s previous president, Francesco Marone-Cinzano, resigned on June 9 after the Italian Ministry of Agriculture issued a decree that essentially stripped the Consortium of its power to oversee the monitoring and certification of the appellation.

In the wake of the ministry’s decree and the Siena prosecutor’s ongoing investigation in the appellation, at least seven producers have left the Consortium, including wineries Barbi and Salicutti.


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