Guest Opinion: a wine professional from Bordeaux on the question of deregulation

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My name is Frédéric Fleuri and I run a marketing firm that represents Vin à Bordeaux. In France, debates similar to yours [in Italy] are emerging. In the face of this crisis, certain experts have advocated deregulation in order to be more competitive with the costs of New World wines. In my opinion, such a move would be a catastrophic error: in terms of cost, French and Italian wines will always be the losers and today the wines of the New World include those made in India and China…

It’s important to consider that standardized wines, sold under top brand names, allow us to attract new consumers and wine lovers — this is a positive. As they discover the world of wine and their process of acculturation begins, wine enthusiasts will look more closely for nuance and authenticity. This is where we rise to the occasion and serve them with best wines.

Frédéric Fleuri
Agence Fleuri


One thought on “Guest Opinion: a wine professional from Bordeaux on the question of deregulation

  1. Hello, my name is Gianpaolo Paglia and i run a winery in Tuscany. I understand what Mr Fleuri is trying to say, but the aim of the discussion risks to be difficult to meet if we dont’t agree with what the word “deregulation” means for each of us.
    Does deregulation mean no rules? Not to me. Does deregulation mean to remove all the obstacles that make the wine industry a fenced garden where the notion of free market is often unknown? I agree with this.
    Wine industry, as well as the rest of agricolture in EU and USA, is regulated in order to avoid the excess of product and not to push up quality. That is because agricolture is heavily subsidized (50 Billion Euros is the yearly budget for EU for agricolture), so that the excess is taken out of the market at taxpayer expenses. The transfromation of wine in alcohol alone adsorbes 400-500 Million euros per year in EU. That is not only costly, but also has been proven to be ineffective. Let the farmers decide what to grow (not possible today, expecially for wine) and stop wasting money in politics that are ineffective and reduce the free market at taxpayers and consumers expenses.
    Let’s invest more money in the quality of produces, even implementing and enforcing more sofisticated control procedures and techiniques.
    That’s what I call deregulation. Do you agree?

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