Banfi press release retracted: Banfi 2003 Brunello not cleared for release as previously reported

VinoWire has obtained a copy of a retraction sent Wednesday, August 6 by Banfi’s Italian office to members of the press. According to the document, Castello Banfi’s 2003 Brunello has not been released by the Siena prosecutor’s office, as previously announced in a press release issued Tuesday, August 5.

“A Press Release from PR Office in NY that contains some not correct info” [sic], writes the author of the retraction. ” The Press Release is reporting that portion of 2003 vintage has been cleared while my report sent to NY was explaining that we are expecting some news on analysis within the next couple of weeks… I am sorry for any misunderstanding I have created but it is due to my emotion and to a not clear report I sent to NY Office.”

The document does confirm, however, that the winery has been authorized to begin bottling of its 2004 Brunello. It also reveals that 50% of Banfi’s 2003 Brunello di Montalcino was impounded on April 1.

As of the publication of this post, Banfi has made no statement to the Italian press whatsoever.


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