Opinion: Vino al Vino’s “Brunello 100% Sangiovese” list

To be added to Vino al Vino’s “Brunello 100% Sangiovese” list, please send an email to Franco by clicking here. The list will be updated here at VinoWire every time it is updated at Vino al Vino.

I had promised Carlo Merolli that I would publish this: it was his idea to create this “Brunello 100% Sangiovese” list and I am honoring that promise today.

I propose the following to all producers of Brunello, even those who do not particularly like me and those who — how can I say? — might call me a pain in the… I propose something very simple, a sort of public declaration, a “coming out,” as the Americans like to say.

I propose that they include their first names, last names, the names of their wineries, and — if they so choose — their average annual production of Brunello in a list, a “non-binding document that has no legal value, nor will it cast a bad light on those who are not there or who decide not to participate. It will serve only to communicate and to guide the readers of this blog and any consumer who wishes to be informed. It will include all the producers of Brunello di Montalcino who are willing to declare publicly: “My Brunello di Montalcino is produced with 100% Sangiovese grapes from Montalcino!”

That’s all. And I would like to underline that this is no “black list” nor would it ever be. It is simply a sort of directory open to all good-willed producers and to all those who want to make — through the simples of gestures — a free public declaration that they produce and wish to continue to produce Brunello di Montalcino exclusively with Sangiovese grapes listed in the Brunello registry.

This is a gesture of good will made in the defense of Brunello, of Montalcino, and of the correct perception of this precious wine, a wine for which Tuscany and all of Italy should be proud.

I can already hear the objections of the list’s carping critics: what purpose, they will ask, does it have to ask for a declaration like this when all the wineries who belong to the Consortium of Brunello producers could be obligated to be included?

The difference is quite substantial, actually. This is a public declaration, a public stand that the individual wineries will take, a sort of self-certification intended for consumers, wine lovers, and clients. It is a strong signal for every individual producer. I sincerely hope that many will respond (given that the tacit agreement to be silent passes and that there is no encouragement “from on high” to ignore this list).

Come on, friends and producers, please respond! I’m here and we are here waiting to hear from you, as are all the readers of the blog across the world. We are waiting to hear your public declaration of love for Sangiovese grown in Montalcino and your commitment never to turn your backs on Montalcino, its relevance, and the fact that its Brunello has no need of a “little helper.”

The following have added their names to the list, in chronological order:

first and last name

Giuseppe Gorelli
Guido Folonari
Francesca and Margherita Padovani

winery name and average annual production

Tenuta Le Potazzine di Giuseppe Gorelli 18,000-20,000 bottles
Tenuta San Giorgio Ugolforte
Campi di Fonterenza 4,000 bottles Brunello and 4,000 bottles Rosso di Montalcino


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