Ziliani – Rivella debate tomorrow, live from Siena

Brunello: Face to Face. Enologist Ezio Rivella (ex-Director Banfi) and VinoWire editor Franco Ziliani face off and debate the future of Brunello di Montalcino.

When: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3, 3 P.M. (local time)
Where: the historic “Aula Magna,” University of Siena

presented by Vinarius, the Italian Association of Wine Retailers

Controversial wine writer and blogger Franco Ziliani and outspoken wine industry veteran Ezio Rivella “face off” in this historic “face to face” public forum. In the wake of the recent Brunello controversy, Ziliani and Rivella will debate the future of the Brunello appellation and proposed changes in Brunello regulations that would potentially allow for the use of international grapes (currently the appellation requires that the wine be made with 100% Sangiovese grapes grown in Montalcino).

Franco Ziliani (wine writer, author of VinoalVino.org) and Ezio Rivella (ex-director, Banfi) will be joined by traditionalist Piedmontese winemaker and founder of the Vini Veri movement Teobaldo Cappellano and noted Italian oenologist Vittorio Fiore. The debate is presented by Vinarius, the Italian association of wine retailers, and will be mediated by Professor Dino Cutolo, anthropologist, University of Siena, and winelover.

“Vinarius members are interested in the Brunello debate and winemaking philosophy in general,” says Vinarius president Francesco Bonfio, “because we are the link that connects the producer and the consumer who buys wine and drinks it. We need to be able to explain what has happened to our customers and need to understand its causes so that we can provide balanced and factual information.”

Founded in 1981 at Bianco & Bianco fair, Vinarius is a non-profit organization that unites wine retailers and promotes education and professional services among associated members.

The debate will be “streamed” live at www.InToscana.it and www.Vinarius.it.


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