Guest opinion: Craig Camp takes on James Suckling

Italians have always marveled at the ability of the American wine press to hype atypical vintages — most memorably the 1997 and 2000 vintages in Piedmont and Tuscany. Winemaker and wine blogger Craig Camp takes James Suckling (left) to task (click here).


4 thoughts on “Guest opinion: Craig Camp takes on James Suckling

  1. I’m sure that James Suckling is a fine taster and true professional. However, he was out and out wrong about these two vintages and should give in and correct his now totally discredited rankings of the 97 and 2000 vintages in the Langhe.

  2. Maybe those designer sunglasses of Suckling have given him super vision. Perhaps he is the only one who can truly see that 1997 and 2000 were superior vintages in Piemonte as compared with 1999, 2001 and 2004.

    Every winemaker I have spoken with in Piemonte agrees with Craig Camp and myself, as does virtually every other wine writer. In short, Suckling was wrong, but he’s not about to admit it.

  3. What does totally discredited mean? 97 and 00 are great vintages. Perhaps not as great as 96, 98, 99, 01 and 04, but there was across the board quality. And the 97’s are turning out to have more lasting power than many thought “despite” their ripeness.

  4. Discredited means they are not great vintages, just very good vintages and that they certainly are not 100 and 99 point vintages. Would you rate them perfect and almost perfect?

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