Ezio Rivella: Brunello vote “a disaster”

In an interview published this week by the Italian Sommelier Association (conducted by VinoWire editor Franco Ziliani), enologist Ezio Rivella (left), former director of winemaking for Banfi, has called the results of the recent Brunello vote “a disaster” (on Monday, Oct. 27, Brunello producers voted overwhelmingly not to change appellation regulations and not to allow blending of international grape varieties). The following is an excerpt from the interview. For the entire interview (in Italian), click here.

I believe that there is nothing left to do but cry for Brunello and its future! A disaster has taken place in Montalcino because in these uncertain times, producers did not have the wisdom to envision simple regulations for production. An “elastic appellation” is the only kind that works and all [of Italy’s] appellations should adopt such regulations, whether they are important ones or not, because experience has shown that an elastic appellation is the only one that can combine virtuoso, competitive winemaking and improvement in production quality. Brunello di Montalcino (and Rosso di Montalcino, the spill-over production) should contain at least 85-90% Sangiovese grapes, complemented by other red grapes grown in Montalcino.


5 thoughts on “Ezio Rivella: Brunello vote “a disaster”

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  3. Elasticity is not what DOCG are made for, but protection of authenticity.
    Better a smaller DOCG with a real significance, author wines, faithful to their origin, than an open club for big exporters and small craftsmens alike.
    Let Montalcino remain true to its roots… if it is not too late.

    With all due respect, I think MR Rivela is wrong, this time.

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