New DOCG: an ancient and forgotten red Moscato from Bergamo

On February 11, 2009, Italy’s Comitato Nazionale Vini (National Wine Committee) gave the greenlight for a new DOCG, Moscato di Scanzo, a red Moscato vinified as a dried-grape wine in the province of Bergamo. The appellation obtained its DOC in 2002 and is the first wine produced in Bergamo to achieve DOCG status. (Lombardy currently counts 5 DOCGs in total, including appellations in Valtellina, Brescia, Franciacorta, and Oltrepò Pavese.) It is produced in the township of Scanzorosciate (SKAHN-soh-roh-SHAH-teh).

In the 50s and 60s, the appellation nearly disappeared, with only a handful of diehard producing it. Today Moscato di Scanzo has re-emerged from relative obscurity but it has long been considered one of Italy’s oldest and most prized appellations. The earliest mentions of Moscato di Scanzo as a coveted and valuable wine date back to the 14th century and by the height of the 18th century, the wine was sold on the London stock exchange.

The new DOCG, said president of the Moscato di Scanzo producers association, Paolo Bendinelli, “will mean significant development in coming years, including growth in employment and an increase in production and sales.”


6 thoughts on “New DOCG: an ancient and forgotten red Moscato from Bergamo

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  2. I would have liked the article to mention the characteristics of such an obviously interesting new (to us) wine. Please follow up. Thanx.

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