Gambero Rosso and Slow Food “divorce” expected

According to corporate blogger Francesco Arrigoni (whose blog appears on the Italian national daily newspaper Corriere della Sera website), official news of historic Italian publishing partners Gambero Rosso and Slow Food’s divorce is expected soon. Gambero Rosso director Daniele Cernili and Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini first published the landmark Vini d’Italia (guide to the wines of Italy) in 1987. Rumors of a split have circulated since September 2008, when Gambero Rosso founder Stefano Bonilli was abruptly dismissed by Gambero Rosso. Bonilli’s departure followed acquisition of the publisher by an as-of-yet unnamed investor (Italian publishing mogul and owner of the Castellare winery in Chianti Paolo Panerai and the Italian wine group Zonin have both been rumored to be the new owner, although both have publicly denied the claim). Gambero Rosso’s recent financial woes and the acrimonious departure of one of its top bloggers Massimo Bernardi (once author of the popular corporate blog Kelablu) have also fueled speculation of internal troubles. Slow Food is expected to announce the launch of a new guide to Italian wines, to be published separately from its current guide to “daily” and “well-priced” Italian wines.


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