CMO Reforms: Eurobureaucrats, please block the growth of DOCs before we lose count!

By now, even children know that as of August 1, 2009, the CMO (Common Market Organisation) wine reforms will transform our DOCs, DOCGs, and IGTs into PDOs and PGIs (even though they will not change the names we are accustomed to using for our appellations).

For some useful links on Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) and the status of CMO reforms, click here and here.

And everyone knows that the ability to issue new appellations (which have increased to an astronomical 470 in number) will pass from the Comitato Nazionale Vini (National Wine Committee) in Rome to Brussels.

In the meantime, we can expect that this passage of power will put an end to era that brought about an unhindered and counterproductive proliferation of appellations in Italy.

In the light of new regulation, although the current number of appellations should not be reduced (even though they could be regrouped), they should not be increased. Eurobureaucrats should adopt more rigorous and less “generous” criteria for the issuance of new appellations. And the Comitato Nazionale Vini and president Giuseppe Martelli should makes its evaluation of new appellation requests more selective and severe before sending them from Italy’s regional committees to Brussels.

What’s happening during these last days that separate us from the “fateful day” of August 1, 2009? We have been gripped by a “Last Days of Pompeii” attitude and instead of requesting modifications of existing appellation regulations before reforms take effect, requests for new appellations are being submitted with an urgency that would have seemed dubious even under the ancien régime.

Eurobureaucrats, save us before we drown in DOCs, DOCGs, and IGTs!

—Franco Ziliani


7 thoughts on “CMO Reforms: Eurobureaucrats, please block the growth of DOCs before we lose count!

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