Study points to “generational transition” as cause for drastic reductions Italian wine sector

Roughly 1,700 Italian wine industry operators have shut their doors, according to a study commissioned by the Milan Chamber of Commerce, with an overall reduction of 2% in the sector.

Calabria and and the Marches showed restrained growth, with 40 and 27 new companies respectively, while Sicily (-704), Piedmont (-319), and the Veneto (-242) have experienced a drastic reduction in number of operators.

Click here to view region-by-region data.

“The grape growing and wine industries are important ones,” said Carlo Franciosci, Regional Councillor for the Milan Chamber of Commerce. “They are tied to our local and national culture and they carry the Italian brand and regional brands across the world. In this difficult year for many different industries, wine production has shown a reduction in the number of operators, particularly on a national level, even though Lombardy shows evidence of substantially maintaining its numbers. We still need to study the reasons behind this data, beginning with organizational processes and concentration within the sector. In many cases, the reduction is related to difficulties created by generational transitions that have caused operator to close or to give up their businesses to other more organized companies that have a better market presence.”


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