Frescobaldi trial moved from Florence to Foggia (Apulia)

According to a report published last month in the Corriere Fiorentino, the Frescobaldi wine fraud trial has been moved from Tuscany to Apulia.

Granting a motion made by the defense, the judge presiding over the trial in Florence has ordered that the proceedings be moved from the current venue to Foggia (Apulia). The lawyers’s motion “was based on the fact that the most serious criminal offense being argued — that of forgery — was allegedly committed in Apulia.”

Prosecutors’s allegations involve an unspecified number of wines produced by Frescobaldi and thirteen Frescobaldi employees have been accused of commercial fraud and forgery of public documents.

Apulian and Campanian grape growers have also been implicated in the investigation, which began in 2005 and led to the current trial. According to the report, the Florence prosecutor’s office has alleged that the defendants violated appellation regulations by using grapes grown outside Tuscany in wines labeled as being Tuscan in origin.


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