“Volcanoes” conference this Friday in Soave (Verona)

“Volcanoes” will be the theme of Vulcania 2009 (Friday, June 5) an international conference of “white wines” produced “from volcanic soils,” organized by the Consorzio di Soave (Soave Producers Association) in the historic center of the medieval township of Soave (province of Verona).

Vulcania 2009

10:30 a.m.
Sala Garriba (Piazza Antenna)
Soave (Verona)

For more information click here.

“In the classical world and in more recent times,” noted keynote speaker Attilio Scienza, professor of agriculture (University of Milan) and the Italy’s foremost ampelographer, “the volcano has always been sacred in the eyes of man. It was a place for the gods, for transcendence, and for mythology. It is place where fear and admiration are blended together… Ancient man’s proximity to volcanoes did not represent an exorcism of his fears because he felt protected by divinities: it was due to the fertility of volcanic soils and the attributes and richness of the waters that emerged from its depths. Important mentions of the fame of volcanic wines can be found in every historical period and volcanic wines have also been prized in commerce because of the richness, alcohol content, and longevity.”


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