Mondavi becomes U.S. importer of Masi


Folio Fine Wine Partners, a Michael Mondavi Family-owned company that represents specially selected wines from the great winegrowing regions of the world, announced today that it has been selected as the exclusive U.S. importer for all Masi Agricola wines effective July 1, 2009.

“We are honored and delighted to be selected as the U.S. importer of record for Masi,” said Michael Mondavi, founder and coach, Folio Fine Wine Partners. “For Folio, adding Masi to our Italian portfolio was a clear choice from both a quality and philosophical standpoint. We pride ourselves on representing leading family wine producers, such as Masi’s Boscaini family, who are committed to producing superior wines.”

Masi dates back to the 18th century when the Boscaini family first planted vineyards in Italy’s Veneto region. Today the Valpolicella-based company is recognized globally as a leading producer of high-end Amarone wine.

“When we began our search for a new U.S. importer, Folio emerged as our top choice for a number of reasons,” said Sandro Boscaini, President of Masi Agricola S.p.A. “First, it was their expertise in Italian wine, as demonstrated by their strong portfolio. Second, we felt a synergy with Michael Mondavi and his family, who have also been making exceptional wines for generations.”


3 thoughts on “Mondavi becomes U.S. importer of Masi

  1. Tom,

    No, Remy Cointreau USA is still very much in the wine business! We are however in the process of streamlining our portfolio so that we can focus on the core wine brands which we own, which are the following:

    Champagne Piper-Heidsieck
    Champagne Charles Heidsieck
    Piper Sonoma
    Rene Junot
    Domaine du Grollet

    Best regards and cheers,


    Michelle DeFeo
    Vice-President – Champagnes and Wines
    Remy Cointreau USA

  2. Mr. DeFeo:

    your Rene Junot blanc has recently become downright undrinkable. my family, friends and I have enjoyed it for many years. it use to taste like an inexpensive sauvingon blanc . but in the past several months, the1.5 ml bottles tasted bitter like vinegar and had to pour them down the drain.
    my retail suppliers have always been:
    Canals in Pennsauken, NJ and
    Wine & Spirits in Collegeville, PA.

    please look into the production, fermentation and shipping processes if the problem is there, if you care about this low-end wine. or is it a bad year of grapes that needs to go through the system? in the meantime, we’re switching over to California Chablis and sauvigon blancs.

    Sorry, but didn’t know where else to voice my concern.

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