Giacosa to Ziliani: “we had absolutely no intention to denigrate or demonize the 2006 vintage”

The following message was sent on June 23, 2009 by Bruno and Bruna Giacosa to VinoWire editor Franco Ziliani in response to his editorial Render Unto Caesar: a clarification on Bruno Giacosa’s decision not to bottle his 2006 Barolo and Barbaresco. Translation by VinoWire.

Dear Mr. Franco Ziliani,

A few months ago, when it was decided (and certainly not without a heavy heart but after many tastings) that our 2006 vintage of Barolo and Barbaresco would not be bottled, no one thought that such a decision could give rise to so much controversy on behalf of certain persons.

We believe that it is the full right of a winery to choose its own strategy with complete autonomy and serenity, especially when with the aim of maintaining the high level of quality of the winery’s products.

In doing so, we had absolutely no intention to denigrate or demonize the 2006 vintage in general. We are sure that many wineries will put excellent products on the market. But in our opinion, the Giacosa winery’s 2006 wines — even though good in quality and entirely respectable — do not reach the excellence in quality to which our clients are accustomed.

In regard to events surrounding Dante Scaglione, no one has ever dared to question his technical abilities. We all admire him and recognize what he has done as our able collaborator.

We hope that we have definitively clarified any doubts in this regard because much has been said and much has been written — perhaps too much — often without deep-reaching knowledge of all of the details, especially with regard to the relationship between the winery and its collaborators. It is best for certain details to remain within the confines of “domestic walls.”

Looking forward to the future, we hope to receive you soon as our guest at the winery to taste the new vintages of Barolo and Barbaresco together. It would be our pleasure.

Best wishes, Bruno and Bruna Giacosa


2 thoughts on “Giacosa to Ziliani: “we had absolutely no intention to denigrate or demonize the 2006 vintage”

  1. Bruno and Bruna,

    I applaud your decision. How else can you maintain the reputation of your brand, if not to hold back vintages unworthy of your reputation?! This must have been a difficult and painful decision, and as with many unpopular but public choices, one that comes with lots of second-guessing. Stick to your guns.

    Dave the Wine Merchant

  2. I have carried Giacosa wines on my list for years and have never questioned the quality of production. I have even had the pleasure of Bruno’s company at our restaurant. There is a lesson to be learned here. Too bad more vineyards don’t follow this practice of not releasing “questionable wine”. The trend in America seems to be focused on the dollar and not the grape, this is why we find great vintages from a winery one year, then amazingly the next year that winery is able to double it’s production.

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