Wineries named in Brunello investigation

A report published today in the Florence edition of the Italian national daily La Repubblica names the 5 wineries officially cited by Italian authorities for “cutting and softening” their wines. Winemakers Antinori, Argiano, Banfi, Casanova di Neri, and Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi have been cited by the Italian Treasury Department (Guardia di Finanza) for releasing wines “not in conformity” with appellation regulations. According to the report, Biondi Santi and Col d’Orcia were also investigated but cleared of any wrongdoing.

VinoWire will continue to report on this story as more information emerges.


One thought on “Wineries named in Brunello investigation

  1. I’ts a shame and a disgrace. I will not buy from any of these wineries until this is over and more likely never again. If they are manipulating a great wine like Barolo which is carefully regulated, what are thy doing to their other wines? Now I feel I can no longer trust any of these producers.

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