Local politicians call for transparency and protection of existing appellations in Montalcino

The following translation is an excerpt of a statement issued by the Partito Democratico of Montalcino. The center-left Partito Democratico or Democratic Party is one of the predominant political parties in Italy. The statement appeared earlier this week in the Corriere di Siena online edition (and subsequently on VinoWire editor Franco Ziliani’s blog Vino al Vino) following a meeting between the mayor of Montalcino and leading party officials. Translation by VinoWire.

Decisive action is needed to empower the administration of the body responsible for the promotion and development of winemaking [in Montalcino]. Such action should be directed toward transparency and a necessary break from the past, with a view to restore credibility and to renew solidarity among producers. Restored credibility would also allow for access to important public finances. Such action should be intended to orchestrate initiatives for the strengthening and a renewed commercial launch of the existing appellations. The name of Montalcino and its history deserve these appellations.

In the light of this, moreover, we believe that it is necessary to open a peaceful and constructive dialog between producers, associations in the sector, and its institutions with an aim to reinforce the relationship between the product and the land. Such discussion should include a balanced evaluation of the opportunity to introduce a new appellation compatible with the will of producers and the relative evolution of legislative matters. But such discussion should not be help with the aim of changing existing tradition and history or affecting Italy’s current viticultural excellence.


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