TTB: “Italian government certification still required for Brunello”

In a report published today by wine industry blog Wine & Spirits Daily, the U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco, Tax, and Trade Bureau (TTB) still requires Italian government certification for Brunello di Montalcino imported to the U.S.

“Contrary to the reports that we’re not longer requiring the certification, we are indeed enforcing the certification and awaiting further information from the Italians to determine a future course of action,” said TTB’s director of public and media affairs Art Resnick, who spoke to the blog’s editors.

According to the report, the TTB is still waiting for the final prosecutor’s report before it will lift the requirement.

The report openly contradicts a press release issued last week by Italian agricultural minister Luca Zaia, whose office wrote that the issue had been “definitively closed.”


2 thoughts on “TTB: “Italian government certification still required for Brunello”

  1. no wonder Columbus went to Spain to get his expedition moving forward.

    Did not Dr. Zaia make the policy crystal clear while he was dining around NYC last week?

  2. Of course! The Brunello needs to be certified. I fondly remember a bottle my husband and I drank in Italia. Every year I ask at my birthday dinner for a bottle of Brunello but it generally runs around $100 so NO ONE obliges!!

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