10 million liters of Tuscan wine suspected of adulteration, Italian news agencies report

According to numerous reports that appeared today in the Italian news media (including the Siena edition of the Italian daily La Nazione and the Agenzia Giornalistica Italia), Italian treasury authorities and the Italian agriculture ministry inspectorate suspect that roughly 10 million liters of Chianti, Toscana IGT, Brunello di Montalcino, and Rosso di Montalcino have been “cut,” i.e., blended, with wines of inferior quality. According to the authors of the reports, seventeen persons and forty-two companies are currently under investigation for having falsified public documents and authorities have requested preemptive seizures. While the investigation is focused primarily on Tuscany, actors in Abruzzo, Trentino, Piedmont, Lombardy, and Emilia-Romagna are also suspected of having adulterated wines.


9 thoughts on “10 million liters of Tuscan wine suspected of adulteration, Italian news agencies report

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  3. A couple of years ago I attended a tasting in Spain where I tasted quite a few beautiful Monastrells.

    One rarely comes across any Monastrell in the USA so I asked one of the producer at the show about their number one export market.

    It turned out that he shipped most of his Monastrell to ITALY. More specifically: He told me that his number client for his bulk Monastell was located in TUSCANY.

    This information was quite shocking to me as it wasn’t being told as “someone told me”…but “I SHIP it”.

    Since ever then, I personally have been looking at Tuscany’s premium wines very different.

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