Italian Wine Week is largest fair ever devoted to Italian wine outside Italy

Source, translation by VinoWire.

With the participation of more than 285 Italian companies, Italian Wine Week (New York, February 2-5, 2010) represents the most important event to feature Italian wine outside Italy’s orders. The conference includes a rich program and involves hundreds of American wine-industry professionals. Italian Wine Week activities have been organized by the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE) and the Regions of Calabria, Tuscany, and the Veneto. They will be integrated with an intense series of seminars geared toward the trade and specialized media. More that 20 American wine experts will participate and two of Italy’s top experts will also address attendees: Professor Attilio Scienza and the President of the Italian National DOC Committee Giuseppe Martelli.

The over-arching theme of the conference is the excellent of Italian wine and will be presented by experts during their seminars and meetings. ICE is giving particular focus to new marketing technologies. The conference is being presented to the public via a website,, where American wine professions can access a series of important services online. Throughout the course of the conference, American journalists and wine professionals learn about new trends in Italian winemaking today: from the wines of the Tuscan coast to the evolution of Pinot Noir in Oltrepò Pavese, from the new generation of red wines from Calabria, to the wines of Apulia and Friuli.

Leading authorities from the world of Italian wine will also address the themes of quality and traceability and new computer technology that allows the consumer to access information on the provenance of Italian wines.

On January 28, the Italian Wine Union (UIV) will “preview” new technologies in a workshop on appellation monitoring, including talks by UIV vicepresident Lucio Mastroberardino and director general Francesco Pavanello. They will instruct members of the U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Trade Bureau on the current regulation system and the use of traceability to protect trademarked products. The meeting will take place at the Italian embassy.


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