Six individuals indicted in Brunello scandal

The Siena prosecutor has released the names of the six persons indicted in the Operation Mixed Wine investigation that led to the Brunello controversy known as Brunellopoli or Brunellogate in 2008 and 2009. According to a statement released by Italian authorities in July 2009, 20% of the 6.7 million liters of Brunello di Montalcino impounded were declassified to Toscana Rossso IGT.

Six individuals have been asked to appear before a judge in Siena for a preliminary hearing:

Stefano Campatelli, director of the Brunello producers association (Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino) and member of the Brunello certification committee

Baldassarre Fanti, president of the Brunello producers association until 2007

Lamberto Frescobaldi, legal representative of the Castelgiocondo winery

Niccolò d’Afflitto, enologist and production manager at Castelgiocondo

Giampiero Pazzaglia, legal representative of the Argiano winery

Paul Harri, ex-enologist at the Banfi winery [errata corrige: employed by the Col d’Orcia winery at the time of the investigation and in 2003, the first vintage examined by investigators; Mr. Harri’s association with Banfi ended in 1999 according to a Banfi spokesperson]

The defendants in the case have been accused of making false statements to public officials and of selling “adulterated substances” and falsely labeled “industrial products” not in accordance with appellation regulations. According to a report published May 1 in the Italian media, 17 persons received indictments and all but the above 6 negotiated plea agreements with prosecutors.

VinoWire editor Franco Ziliani reported this story in Italian today on his blog Vino al Vino. Translation by VinoWire.


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