Siena court delivers sentences in Brunello scandal

According to a report published Friday, October 1 by the Florence edition of the Italian national daily La Repubblica, a Siena judge has sentenced the current director of the Brunello producers association, Stefano Campatelli, to 16 months of detention and ex-president of the association, Filippo Fanti, was sentenced to 12 months for falsifying public documents. Both sentences were the result of a plea bargain, according to the article. Lamberto Frescobaldi (whose family owns the Castelgiocondo winery) and Castelgiocondo lawyer Niccolò D’Afflitto were sentenced to 3 months and 1 month respectively for the sale of adulterated products, but both sentences were reduced to monetary fines.

Legal representative of Argiano, Giampiero Pazzaglia, was also formally indicted for the sale of adulterated products. His first hearing is set for March 16, 2011, wrote the authors of the report.

Previously accused of lying to prosecutors, enologist Paul Rudolf Harri was absolved by the court.

The six persons who appeared before the court last week were among the seventeen individuals sentenced in the wake of the Brunello investigation. The other eleven had previously negotiated plea bargains with prosecutors and were not required to appear.


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