In surprise move, Chianti Classico to allow Super Tuscans at annual debut event

In a memo sent to members of the Chianti Classico producers association and obtained by VinoWire editor Franco Ziliani, Chianti Classico producers will be allowed for the first time to present one IGT bottling on the second day of the annual vintage debut event, to be held February 15 and 16, 2011, at the Stazione Leopoldo events space in Florence.

“Starting on the second day,” write the authors of the memo, “for an additional charge of Euro 50, not included in the attendance fee, it will be possible to present an IGT wine produced in the appellation.”

As Mr. Ziliani notes in a recent post on his blog, the surprise move marks a significant break from past precedent. Historically, the annual debut of the new vintage of Chianti Classico was intended by its organizers to promote solely the Chianti Classico appellation, one of Italy’s most recognized “brands” and one of its greatest wines.


4 thoughts on “In surprise move, Chianti Classico to allow Super Tuscans at annual debut event

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  2. Am sorry but I have to correct what you worte, because the first to report the news was the enoclub Siena, Davide Bonucci. As you can see:

    And the real news is that the Consorzio is trying to change the production regulations next Friday, as you can see:

    If you wanna make information, please be informed.

  3. As a C.Classico producer that has always worked only with Sangiovese.I’m not scandalized by the proposal to present IGT’s at the Anteprima,after all many are entirely from Sangiovese grapes.I find a lot more questionable that the rules have gradually increased the amount of non-traditional grapes allowed in the blend,(now that’s a slippery slope to me).The Chianti “Bordelais” lobby keeps pushing to increase this percentage,the last proposal was to allow up to 40%.(it failed for now).I need to make clear that I’m not at all against growing other varietals in Chianti;quite the opposite,I think that the Classico appellation should allow wines from other varietals to be called Chianti Classico,with a varietal appellation added.It’s just that CC alone shouldn’t be fattened by Merlot or Cab.It would be nice if things were more transparent,with things clearly stated on the label.I love CC from Sangiovese for its elegance,finesse,food friendliness,and for how the light penetrates it and gives it brilliance.What really bugs me is when an overly concentrated and heavily oaked muscular wine pretends to be a Sangiovese.

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