Chianti Classico producers decide not to allow Super Tuscans at debut tasting

Errata corrige: VinoWire originally reported that a vote was held to determine whether or not IGTs would be included in the vintage debut; in fact, the body’s president decided to retract the offer after a discussion of the issue was held during a general assembly of the body this morning.

The Chianti Classico producers association has decided not to allow member producers to present IGT or so-called Super Tuscan wines at the annual presentation of the appellation’s new vintage, to be held in Florence in February 2011.

The decision was reported by VinoWire editor Franco Ziliani on his blog.

According to reports previously published in Italy (notably by Mr. Ziliani and by Enoclub Siena), the producers association had offered its members the option of presenting IGT wines (i.e., wines that did not meet Chianti Classico appellation requirements) for an additional fee of Euro 50 per wine.

The sea change represents a victory for proponents of traditional winemaking — including wine bloggers and winemakers — who vehemently opposed the inclusion of IGT wines within the framework of the appellation’s official new vintage release debut, held annually in Florence.

According to anecdotal reports obtained by VinoWire editors, members of the producers association also voted against proposed changes in appellation regulations that would have created a new and “less restrictive” DOC intended to accommodate the production of “Supertuscans” [sic]. (Proposed changes had been previously published by the finance and politics blog Il Fatto Quotidiano in a post entitled “Chianti Classico Masochism?”.)


6 thoughts on “Chianti Classico producers decide not to allow Super Tuscans at debut tasting

  1. Sorry,
    to correct information, the question about the presence of wines IGT at the annual presentation of the appellation’s new vintage, to be held in Florence in February 2011 is not true: No vote was made about this decision.

  2. I was at the assemblea,There was little discussion about the IGT wines at the Anteprima at all.A few criticized it,but that’s it.The main topic was the reorganization of the CC appellation, and the one thing that came out very strongly was the rejection of the proposal of a “light young C.Classico” to help in this difficult economic time.The majority,(but there where no votes),spoke in favor of reviving the riservas,and requalifying the whole appellation.Also a mostly favorable opinion on the idea of sub-appellations by comune,but with very differentiated ideas about how to do it.My opinion about IGT at the Anteprima: why not,many are pure Sangiovese.And unfortunately some Chianti Classicos are Bordeaux-like.

  3. Personally, I think that the Super Tuscan category is supposed to be a category different from Chianti Classico. I know that laws of what can be made into a Chianti Classico have changed. Truly a Super Tuscan can be from Chianti Classico, but should not a ST be a special effort on the part of the wine maker, made from a select vineyard area and signature blended and extra aging also made with some non-traditional grapes in the blend? They are supposed to be more expensive also. If an Event is for Chianti Classico then keep the focus on that. If a winery has a CC and a CC Riserva and a ST have them put focus on the CC and the CC Riserva. Not that they should not have a bottle of their ST on hand, just keep the focus on CC.

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  5. To be precise: “the finance and politics blog Il Fatto Quotidiano in a post entitled “Chianti Classico Masochism?”

    Il Fatto quotidiano is an editorial adventure , they already went to Cambridge and other universities to explain how they made it.
    It is an Italian daily newspaper, born 1 year ago, and already one of the 4 most important newspapers of Italy, besides La Gazzetta dello Sport (which covers just sport news).
    It is the only newspaper in Italy not using the State funding to run newspapers, since they want that readers pay for real information. They have just few selected advertising
    Il Fatto has gathered some of the best journalist of italy, giving them a chance to make real investigations and cover politics. There is no politic influence over the newspaper.
    The web version was born in August, and is already one of the most most important 3 news sites of Italy, with about 300.000 contacs per month.
    Some chosen journalists write for the newpaper, for the online version and have also blogs like the Huffington Post: In one of those, Mazzella reported about the attempt to change the production regulation of Chianti Classico.

    Ziliani reported in his blog just about the attempt to change the journalist presentation in February.

    Unicuique suum, as Latin used to say, so that everything is clear. Best wishes for the web site, and for Chianti of course.

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