Feudi di San Gregorio acquires Vulture producer Basilisco

According to a post published Friday by one of Italy’s top wine bloggers and leading expert on southern Italian wine, Luciano Pignataro, Campania giant Feudi di San Gregorio has announced its acquisition of one of Aglianico del Vulture’s most respected producers, Basilisco.

The move comes as a surprise to many in the light of the fact that Campania producer Feudi di San Gregorio is already well established in the neighboring region of Basilicata with its Locanda del Palazzo property and vineyards.

“Everything will remain exactly how it is now,” said Feudi di San Gregorio president Antonio Capaldo, who noted that Feudi will help to “support sales” of Basilisco’s wines thanks to the Campanian producer’s “25 years of experience” in the field.

The acquisition has prompted some observers of the Italian wine industry to ponder whether or not the merger will lead to heightened consumer awareness of the Aglianico di Vulture appellation in general.


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