Proposed changes to Rosso di Montalcino DOC advance

Reported by VinoWire editor Franco Ziliani at Vino al Vino.

On December 15, the 15-member advisory council of the Brunello di Montalcino producers association approved proposed changes to the Rosso di Montalcino DOC including the allowance of up to 15% of grapes other than Sangiovese, the use of synthetic corks, and an easing of monitoring protocols.

Proposed changes will need to be approved by a majority of the 250+ members of the producers association. Observers on the ground anticipate that the changes will be approved when the body reconvenes in 2011.


4 thoughts on “Proposed changes to Rosso di Montalcino DOC advance

  1. I have no problem using other grapes besides Sangiovese as long they are native Tuscan varieties and especially not Cabernet or Merlot.

    Gregory Graziano
    Graziano Family of Wines

  2. I have no problem with 15% of whatever grape(s) they want to use, especially if it helps protect Brunello as 100% Sangiovese FOREVER. But, what is with permitting synthetic closures? Synthetic corks suck and there is not a decent bottle of wine in the world with a synthetic cork.

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