A clarification from Banfi

Yesterday, the editors of VinoWire received the following message from Lars Leight (Assistant to the Chairman, Banfi) regarding VinoWire’s May 9 post Six individuals indicted in Brunello scandal:

    I would like to clarify that Paul (aka Pablo) Harri in fact departed Castello Banfi in July 1999, and the Siena prosecutor’s Brunello investigation applies to the 2003 vintage onward, during which time Mr. Harri was the winemaker for Col d’Orcia. The vintages he was involved in making at Castello Banfi are not, and never were, at issue with respect to the investigation. Exclusive association of Mr. Harri’s unfortunate indictment to his tenure at Banfi is misleading and uncalled for. Thanks for setting the record straight!

The reference to Mr. Harri’s employment at Banfi originated in a report published by the Italian national daily La Repubblica on May 1 and subsequently translated and reposted by VinoWire on May 9.

In 2008, Banfi’s managing director Enrico Viglierchio told the editors of Wine Spectator that the winery had agreed to declassify “a very small percentage of the lots submitted for testing” by authorities. “‘The case is closed,'” said Viglierchio, “‘and there will be no further judicial consequences for anyone at Banfi.'”